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Sat 22 May 2010

Our favourite Swedish band returns with their incendiary fusion of rootsy guitar rock, Americana, country, folk and blues. Singer Anna-Lena Winter has supported BOB DYLAN back home and her band counts DYLAN, NEIL YOUNG, GILLIAN WELCH and DAVE RAWLINGS among their friends. But Winter's influences are diverse and seamlessly re-worked. They make music in the same class as LUCINDA WILLIAMS, EMMYLOU HARRIS and 10,000 MANIACS, are propelled by guitars as explosive as KEITH RICHARDS and ZZ TOP, and are as tight as BLONDIE and as epic as U2

We always used to say we have a policy here at The Band Room that everyone who plays here must have released at least one critically-acclaimed CD - it's the simplest form of quality control and it has never let us down. So we knew when we booked Winter the first time around that they were going to be good. But we had no idea they were going to be that good.

On the night they played The Band Room they virtually blew us away. This is a band that draws on rock, pop, Americana, folk, roots and blues in an exhilarating, seamless fusion which in live performance is as powerful as anything around right now. Influence wise, you can hear bits of Lucinda Williams, 10,000 Maniacs and Fleetwood Mac. But the band's origins are so skilfully assimilated it's impossible to pinpoint exactly where all this comes from.

The sound is absolutely their own, completely contemporary - and the impact as direct as classic rock. In fact their show here was so incendiary it left us convinced Winter needed to record a live album as soon as possible. Because live they're even better than they are in the studio. They are as tight as Blondie and as epic as U2.

Winter are here in 2010 to tour their new album. Previous albums include Million Miles, recorded in Kingston, New York, and produced by MALCOLM BURN right after he received a Grammy for Best Producer on EMMYLOU HARRIS'S Red Dirt Girl. Burn has also worked with BOB DYLAN, IGGY POP, JOHN MELLENCAMP and THE NEVILLE BROTHERS. Winter's last album Ten songs, recorded in an old mission house out in the Swedish countryside, remains a stone cold classic from start to finish...

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