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My Bubba and Mi

Fri 5 November 2010

Three girls from Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, My Bubba and Mi will bring their own brand of fireworks to Farndale on Bonfire Night with their tantalisingly seductive Nordic take on Appalachian folk, Mississippi blues and classic roots guitar-picking - topped with vocal harmonies so beguiling and warm they'd melt the Aletsch Glacier. They call their music 'lullabies of the countryside' and we can hear echoes of BE GOOD TANYAS, KATE & ANNA MCGARRIGLE and GILLIAN WELCH but these Scandinavian delta maids are very much their own women and heading in a direction all their own...

The story goes that My bubba & Mi - who play 82 strings all told, on instruments collectively 329 years old - met when Bubba moved in to My's Copenhagen flat while My was doing the dishes in the kitchen.

While emptying her boxes Bubba heard My singing and the next day grabbed her by the arm in search of a harmony for a lullaby she was writing - the song now known as Apple Spell. The two girls became inseparable, singing for some months in each others' bedrooms - then Mia moved in, with her organs...

None of the three knew where they were going, but one day an Italian music-loving bar-owner cycling through Copenhagen heard their exotic music drifting out of the window of a small bar and, seriously seduced, he went in and saw My, Bubba and Mia playing to a small audience. A fan was born. Completely blown away, he immediately invited the girls to Italy to perform and record their music there - and they packed their bags and left.

'How It's Done In Italy' (released on Dutch label Beep! Beep!) is what happened next. A mesmerizing debut album, and the launchpad for what ought to be a very special career as My Bubba And Mi set out to conquer the world...

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